U.S. Citizen James Lunn Detained in Egypt Found Dead in Jail Cell

The Egyptian government said that U.S. citizen James Lunn, who had been detained for breaking curfew, was found dead in his jail cell Sunday.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo confirmed that a U.S. citizen held prisoner in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia had died for an apparent suicide. It is currently in contact with Egyptian authorities.

The State Department in Washington said that U.S. consular officials were informed of Lunn’s arrest on Aug. 28 and had been in touch with Egyptian authorities since then.

A statement by the Egyptian Interior Ministry noted that Lunn was arrested during a combing operation that followed a car bombing. A computer and maps of “important installations” were found in Lunn’s possession.

On Sunday he was found hung in his cell by his shoelaces and belt.

A coroner has been appointed to determine the cause of death.

Lunn was the second foreigner to die in Egyptian custody since last month, including a French man who was beat to death by cell mates after violating curfew.

Additionally, two Canadian citizens who were jailed for weeks before their release last week noted the inhuman conditions and complained of torture.

The latest occurrences are likely to incite a discussion on human rights and poor conditions in Egyptian jails.

Sources: Fox News, LA Times


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