US Border Agent Demands Radio Host Hand Over Cell Phone (Video)

Libertarian radio host Tony Stiles and his two-man team, Eric Goodrich and Nathan Styles, were recently pulled over at an inland "security checkpoint" by the U.S. border patrol.

TheRunDownLive.com notes that Stiles is on a national speaking tour, “Truth, Liberty, & Solutions," and was traveling from California to Florida when his vehicle was stopped near El Paso, Texas.

Shortly after being stopped, the radio host began filming the incident on his cell phone (video below).

The video begins with the men telling the border agents that an "inspection isn't happening" because "we're in the United States of America."

Later, a sheriff shows up and tells the men, "You're being detained because a canine has hit on your vehicle... Get out of the vehicle, this is probably cause, get out of your car."

When the men finally exit their car, a border patrol agent tells Stiles to hand over his cell phone, noted BenSwann.com.

“I don’t know if it’s a weapon, if it’s a knife or if it’s a gun. Let me have your phone,” says the border agent.

“That is not happening! You know full well it’s not a f------ weapon. Are you f------ kidding me?” yells Stiles.

Stiles kept his cell phone and filmed the search of the vehicle by authorities and a drug sniffing dog.

After the search, border agents told the men that marijuana had been found in the car. Stiles, Goodrich and Styles were arrested and imprisoned for seven hours at a Sierra Blanca, Texas, holding facility.

Stiles told BenSwann.com that Goodrich eventually took the marijuana charge for all three men, who would have been held for days while waiting for a judge.

Stiles claims the video shows one of the agents possibly planting marijuana inside the car.

Sources: BenSwann.com and TheRunDownLive.com


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