U.S. Army Veteran Christian Parmer Confronts Army Imposter At Fresno Airport


Former U.S. Army Specialist Christian Parmer recently confronted and filmed a man that he believed was impersonating an active U.S. military member. The video (below), taken at Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, shows Parmer grilling the man about why he is wearing the uniform and how he knew that the man was an imposter.

Parmer finished up his service about a month ago and noticed the man was wearing his uniform incorrectly. Among the faults that he noticed were that he was wearing his hat indoors and that he was wearing a confederate flag on his sleeve. Both of these are not standard for active U.S Army members.

Parmer said, "Before I filmed I asked to see if he really was a soldier? He said yeah I'm Army EOD. I said okay, okay and I walked off. I said, ‘No this can't be right; no soldier would wear his uniform in public in that manner.'"

While Parmer filmed the confrontation, he notified airport police. Police asked the man questions to identify whether he was in fact an army member, at which point he conceded that the uniform was his stepson's. He claims that he only wore it because he had nothing else to wear.

The Stolen Valor Act protects the rights of U.S. forces veterans. The act makes benefiting off of impersonating a U.S. military member illegal. Benefits may include discounts, most notably on meals. After some quick research, Fox News Reporter Erik Rosales determined that the man received a 20 percent discount at a Starbucks not long before being confronted.

Police asked the man to leave the airport.

Sources: KMPH Fox 26 / Photo Source: KMPH Fox 26


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