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U.S. Army Cuts the Word 'Negro' From Manual (Video)

The U.S. Army has removed the word "negro" from section of AR 600-20 of its manual, which covers "Army Command Policy."

According to USA Today, the Army manual stated: "Terms such as 'Haitian' or 'Negro' can be used in addition to 'Black' or 'African American.'"

"The U.S. Army fully recognized, and promptly acted, to remove outdated language in Army Regulation 600-20 as soon as it was brought to our attention," Army spokeswoman Lt. Col. Alayne Conway said in a statement yesterday. "The Army takes pride in sustaining a culture where all personnel are treated with dignity and respect."

"We apologize to anyone we offended," added Lt. Conway.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) told CNN on Thursday that he would reach out to the U.S. Army after being told of the manual, but quickly changed the subject.

"I'd rather us focus on what causes us to fall behind the world in this global competition," said Sen. Scott. "I'd rather focus on my opportunity agenda that creates chances and opportunities for parents."

Sources: CNN, USA Today


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