U.S. Army Captain Attacked by Yiqiang Wu at Walmart Over Military Service (Video)


Yiqiang Wu was arrested for allegedly attacking an unidentified U.S. Army captain in a checkout line at a Walmart in Albany, New York last Thursday.

Police say store video surveillance footage (below) shows the Army captain being attacked by Wu, who had verbally harassed him for his military service, reports the Associated Press.

The Army captain said that Wu yelled derogatory comments at him about the United States, and then hit him several times.

"It started with the middle finger and the officer asked if it was for him or something of that nature and it escalated from there," Officer Steve Smith, of the Albany Police Department, told News10.com.

"It looks like he displayed a great deal of restraint which is consistent with the armed forces, law enforcement and public service. We are held at a higher standard and you have to commend him for being able to have that restraint."

"We thought it was important to get this out obviously because of the uniformed aspect. He is a person that serves our country and it not only happens to police, but to public servants every day," added Officer Smith.

Wu was charged with 3rd degree assault as a "hate crime" because he was stating derogatory statements about the United States, according to Officer Smith.

Sources: Associated Press and News10.com


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