Urgent: the Hunt for Morgan Harrington's Killer

20-year-old Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington mysteriously vanished from a Metallica concert in Charlottsville Virginia, 3 months later, her skeletal remains were discovered in a remote farming area. Morgan had been raped and her death was brutal and violent, she suffered from multiple broken bones.

Now after 6 months, the dangerous predator has yet to be captured, but are investigators close to closing in on her evil killer?

I spoke with the parents of Morgan Harrington earlier this week. Dr. Dan Harrington told me that forensic evidence found on Morgan Harrington matched the DNA of a rapist who is wanted for a brutal 2005 sex assault in Fairfax Virginia.

The Harrington's are certain this is their daughters killer, but the question they are uncertain about is what his possible connection to Charlottsville Virginia is. His 2005 victim, was a resident of and was raped in Fairfax Virginia, which is 2-hours away from Charlottsville, where Morgan's body was found.

Morgan's father wonders what connection the killer has to the 700-acre farm, because he describes the area as "remote" and an area where someone "doesn't just happen upon." Did he work on the farm or in the area? Or was he a hunter? These are questions that are running through the minds Morgan's devastated parents. One thing Dr. Harrington says he is certain of, is that the killer is familar with the area.

Now law enforcement have released a 2005 composite sketch of the rapist, who is likely responsible for Morgan's brutal murder. The photo, pictured above, is of a black male, who is most likely somewhere between the ages of 30-40 years old. This man is the so called "Oxford row rapist."

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