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Upstate New York Man Arrested For Firing Civil War Cannon At Neighbors

An upstate New York man was arrested for repeatedly firing an unloaded Civil War cannon at his neighbors in Kiantone, NY.

Brian Malta, 52, aimed and fired a vintage long tom cannon at his neighbors this week, authorities say. The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office confiscated the cannon.

Malta and his neighbors, living 60 miles south of Buffalo near Pennsylvania, have been involved in a long-term dispute

He loaded the cannon with powder charge and wadding – no cannonballs – before firing on his neighbors. He was charged with three counts of 2nd degree menacing and three counts of 2nd degree harassment.

In 2005, Malta and his wife won a federal lawsuit after officials at a Village Board meeting told them they were “out of order” and wouldn’t allow them to video tape the meeting. A federal judge ruled the officials violated their constitutional rights, according to Gawker.

Malta was released on $2,500 bail.

It is unclear what dispute he has with his neighbors.

His attorney, Parker MacKay, called Malta an upstanding citizen and that will come out in court.

Sources: Gawker, Wall Street Journal


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