'Upskirting' Suspect Caught Red-Handed By Victim's Husband (Video)

Virginia man John Wiggins was caught snapping pictures up a woman’s dress on Sunday, May 31, after another victim’s husband took a photo of the man.

According to the victim, Wiggins dropped a box of pasta on the floor of Walmart as a distraction. He then used the box as an excuse to bend over and get close enough to snap a picture under the woman’s skirt.

“It started in the shampoo department and that’s when it happened the first time,” the woman explained to WTVR (video interview below). “I just turned the aisle and he looked directly at me and I felt his guilt.”

The woman told her husband, who then followed Wiggins around the store. That’s when he managed to capture a picture of Wiggins with his cellphone under another woman’s skirt.

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“I definitely haven’t worn a dress out shopping,” the victim added. “And I don’t know when I’ll do that again.”

Wiggins was arrested on Sunday following the incident. He was charged with two misdemeanors in regards to the "upskirting" incidents.

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Wiggins was reportedly a teacher's aide at a high school. According to Tamara Wynn, a parent at Clover Hill High School where Wiggins works, the 55-year-old should not be around children. Wynn added that he needs to get some help.

Wiggins’ daughter emailed WTKR News and noted that her father is struggling with mental illness.

On Wednesday, Chesterfield Public Schools announced that Wiggins no longer works for the school system. 

Sources: Fox News, WTVR

Photo Credit: Fox News


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