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UPS Leaves Woman's Christmas Present to Her Daughter In Garbage Can on Trash Day

Tracy Sole of Barnhart, Mo., saved up her money to buy an Android tablet as a Christmas present for her daughter. Unfortunately, when UPS came to her house on the day it was supposed to be delivered, they decided it would be a good idea to put it in a trash can for safety and leave a note informing Sole of its whereabouts.

Sole came home to find the note in her mailbox letting her know that the package was in the “black trash can,” but she was horrified when she realized that it was also trash day. The tablet was already long gone.

“I was crying all night,” said Sole. “I saved for months to get that for my daughter and for them to just throw it in the trash. It was awful.”

Sole contacted UPS to report that her gift was thrown in the trash, and the UPS told her to contact the company she purchased the tablet from. When she contacted the company, she was offered a replacement tablet, but they could not guarantee that it would be delivered by Christmas.

Fox 2 News reportedly reached out to UPS to get a statement regarding the matter and that they were given the following information:

- UPS drivers will deliver a package that does not require a signature.  This is an accepted industry practice.

At UPS, we call this practice ‘driver release.’ Our drivers are trained to leave packages out of sight and protected from inclement weather. UPS drivers use an Info Notice to inform the customer of the package location – if it is out-of-the-ordinary or not along the daily walk path.  If it is a dense urban area with multi-unit residential high rise buildings, drivers will leave the package in front of an apartment, if he/she can get inside a secure door.

Also, shippers always have the option of selecting our Signature Required Service (There is a surcharge of approximately $3.00 for this service)

Use My Choice as an option to prevent theft. UPS My Choice customers have more control over when and how their packages are delivered. For example, members can tell drivers where to leave a package, reroute the package to another address or have it delivered to a local The UPS Store.

With UPS My Choice®, consumers have flexibility and control to manage their residential deliveries and avoid those ‘sorry we missed you’ notices left on the door. Registered members receive a free text or email message the day before the package arrives eliminating the need to continually track packages

UPS is currently investigating the situation. Sole took to the Internet to vent her frustrations about what happened, and UPS has apparently offered her an apology.


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