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UPS, FedEx Apologize For Ruining Christmas In Delivery Bungle

UPS and FedEx are apologizing after getting swamped and failing to make many deliveries in time for Christmas.

The companies said they were delayed by bad weather and an unanticipated online rush, NBC News reported.

"The volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity in our network," UPS spokeswoman Natalie Godwin said in a statement.

If you still don't have a package from FedEx, you may be able to go pick it up yourself.

"We're sorry that there could be delays and we're contacting affected customers who have shipments available for pickup," Scott Fiedler, a spokesman for FedEx, told the Associated Press Wednesday. contacted some customers over the "failure in the UPS transportation network" and offered to refund shipping charges and provide gift cards, CNN reported.

Less than satisfied customers of both companies ripped them apart on Twitter and Facebook.

"Merry Christmas FedEx," wrote Teri Martin on the company's Facebook page. "Thanks for taking my money, ruining my son's Christmas and taking days off to avoid dealing with desperate customers trying to find out how to get their packages! NEVER AGAIN!!!"

“My kids and the rest of my extended family have no presents," UPS customer Jill Amaya told NBC News.

Amaya says she waited 10 days and experienced two delays of a package before she just gave up.

Customers complained that the shipping giants were making delivery promises in the 11th hour, when they already knew they were too backed up to make good.

"A lot of these employees keep saying 'It's the weather' or 'It's some kind of a backlog,'" Barry Tesh, 52, of Jacksonville, Fla., told USA Today. "Well then why, all the way up until the 23rd, were they offering next-day delivery? That guaranteed delivery was 80% of my decision to buy the gift."

"Everyone was gushing with guarantees on Sunday when we asked FedEx if they could handle the order," said Samantha Edussuriya, the director of online content at "Now my mother is alone in San Diego and in tears."

"They said 'a small percentage,' and that was insulting as a customer," said UPS customer Mike Reynolds, 43, of Martinez, Calif. "It made me feel marginalized. My mother stayed home last night waiting for packages to come in. She just waited and waited and waited, and it never happened. She missed out on the festivities."

"I bet the customer service line at FedEx sounds a lot like a suicide prevention hotline right now," one woman tweeted on Christmas Eve.

"UPS says Christmas should arrive by tonight," one man said. "It looks like a late night of wrapping. Good thing I'm drinking."

On Christmas, he followed up, tweeting: "Looks like UPS gave up. I don't blame them. I'd have felt terrible if they were working this late tonight."

"This has been the worst Christmas ever," said Larry Ledet, 55, who has been a UPS driver for 27 years. Ledet says he made 337 stops and delivered 505 packages on Monday.

Sources: NBC News, USA Today


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