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UPS Driver Saves Family From House Fire (Video)

A UPS driver may have very well saved a family's life after putting out a fire on their porch and rushing them to safety.

Paul Pereira was on his last delivery of the day on April 10 when he noticed tall orange flames dancing around the white wraparound porch of a Haverhill, Massachusetts home, the Daily Mail reported.

While witnesses stood in the street recording videos on their phones, Pereira sprang into action, asking someone to get a hose, WCVB reported. Some might say it's a good thing people were filming because if they hadn't been, Pereira's selfless act would never have made it onto the internet for us all to enjoy. 

"I just ran over, banged on the door, told the people in the house, 'Your house [is] on fire!'" Pereira told WCVB. "They weren't aware the house was on fire."

The home belonged to Brian and Tracy Lavender. Brian said his wife and children were inside the home at the time but did not realize the porch was on fire. They thought the smell of smoke was coming from a neighbor barbecuing.

"The next thing she knows, there was banging [and] 'Fire, fire, fire get out,'" Brian told the news station.

Pereira fought the flames as a neighbor brought a hose. When the family exited the home, he rushed them to safety.

"I didn't realize how big the flames were until saw the video myself," Pereira admitted.

The Lavender family expressed their gratitude for Pereira and his courageous actions. Tracy gave the UPS driver a hug.

"If it wasn't for him, I think the house would have been totaled," Brian said.

Neighbor Peter Brown said Pereira was able to extinguish the flames before the fire department arrived.

"Had he not been there, that entire porch would have been engulfed."

Pereira is now being praised for his actions.

"He literally is a hero, he saved them from dying," Neighbor Selena Sanchez told NECN. "He legit didn't have to do that, but he did. He saved that house."

Despite his heroics, Pereira remained humble.

"All day today, I've been walking into my businesses and people are like, 'Oh, there's the hero, and there's the hero,' and I'm laughing about it," Pereira said, adding that "hero" is a strong word.

"I don't feel I am a hero. I think anybody would do it if they saw a fire, you know, act on it," Periera said, according to WCVB.

The Lavender family had just purchased the home. It is unclear at this time what started the fire.

Sources: Daily Mail, WCVB, NECN, CBS Boston via YouTube / Photo credit: A&S Squad via Daily Mail

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