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Gays Outraged Over Film Titled "Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives"

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Despite the efforts of transgender advocates, Israel Luna’s transploitation film, "Ticked-Off Tra**ies with Knives," is scheduled to make its Southwest premiere at this year’s Q Cinema, Fort Worth’s International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on June 5th at 8pm.  GLAAD issued a call to action in response to community outcry over the film’s title and gratuitous violence against the film’s transgender characters.

GLAAD’s Call to Action sparked conversation about the use of the term tra**ies and the films sensationalism of violence. Ultimately, the film was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. After weeks of communication with the filmmakers, the film’s controversial title was changed.

GLAAD has learned that while some festivals have agreed not to program the film, Q Cinema is scheduled to screen the film next week as one of its centerpiece features to premiere on June 5th.

Community advocates in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have reached out to GLAAD in order  to raise visibility and awareness about Luna’s problematic film and its screening at Q Cinema. Transgender advocates will be protesting the film from 7-10 pm on June 5th in order to spread awareness to the LGBT community about the film’s negative portrayal of the transgender community. Those who wish to join their voices to protest the film’s screening at Q Cinema can learn more information on the event’s facebook page.


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