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Update: Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Jeremy Preston

Yesterday, we covered the unfortunate story of Jeremy Preston, a gun owner who did everything within his power to stay within the law and got charged with a felony because of it. Preston, originally from Tennessee, had checked Delaware’s website to ensure that his concealed weapon permit would be valid in Delaware. The website claimed that the two states had reciprocity laws, so Preston thought he was in the clear.

But he wasn’t. Police officers confiscated Preston’s gun after they pulled him over for speeding and then found out that he violated Delaware’s concealed carry laws. Apparently, Preston’s Tennessee permit expired when he applied for a Delaware license.

The good news is that Delaware prosecutors have decided to drop all charges against Preston. The Attorney General’s Office originally told police to arrest Preston, but after a more thorough review prosecutor Mark Denney concluded that they should drop the case.

State Prosecutor Kathleen Jennings might have had something to do with Preston’s stroke of good luck. Jennings had urged Denney to resolve the case without dragging Preston through the courts. 

“This was not something that needed to be treated as a violent felony or someone who had a horrible criminal history,” Denney said. He added that he did not want to punish a law-abiding gun owner for making a “stupid mistake.”

Preston was relieved by the news.

"It’s definitely a load off my back, that’s for sure," he said.

Preston now intends to get the arrest expunged from his record. As an engineer for a nuclear power plants, run-ins with the law can leave Preston without a job. Preston has been unable to set foot back into a power plant following his June 17 arrest. He should be able to return to work shortly now that the state has sorted everything out.

This is one instance where the justice system actually works. Delaware’s unclear website is more to blame for the incident than Preston’s negligence. It is a relief to know that Delaware prosecutors are not wasting time and tax dollars in order to ruin the life of someone who is, by all accounts, an upstanding member of society.

Source: Delaware Online


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