Update: Hannah Anderson Reveals Conversations With Kidnapper, Murderer James Lee DiMaggio


In August we told you the story of Hannah Anderson, a 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped by her father’s best friend and held hostage for days.

At the time, police revealed that Anderson and her kidnapper, James Lee DiMaggio, had exchanged calls, text messages, and hand written letters before her kidnapping. Police refused to discuss the content of the messages and calls.

In the months following her kidnap and rescue, more information on the case has been released. In a recent interview with CNN, Anderson told reporters that she would talk to DiMaggio about her struggles handling her parent’s divorce.

“I wouldn’t have really anyone to talk about it with… instead of talking face to face if we didn’t have time… we’d just write letters back and forth, talking about, like, the situation and how to get through it.”

But Anderson distanced herself from DiMaggio, whom she says was like “a second father”, when DiMaggio told her he didn’t like seeing her with her new boyfriend.

“…he said, ‘It's not that I don't want your friends up here,” Hannah told the Today Show. “’It's that I don't want to see you kissing your friends or anything like that, because I have a crush on you.’”

Hannah said the conversation made her uncomfortable and she began to distance herself from DiMaggio. Given how close DiMaggio was with the rest of Hannah’s family, this wasn’t easy to do.

“He got upset about that and would always text me and say that I was rude and I was trying to stay out of his life," she said. "And basically I was after that, but I couldn't, because he was my dad's best friend and he was always there for my mom."

In her interview with the Today Show, Hannah tells reporters that DiMaggio drugged her before kidnapping her. She says she woke up from her sedation in Idaho, where DiMaggio was eventually killed by FBI agents. Four horseback riders saw DiMaggio and Hannah in the woods and were suspicious. To be safe, they alerted authorities.  Hannah saw the riders, but says DiMaggio threatened to kill them if she reached out to them for help.

"I remember hearing them come behind us the first time and Jim would say, 'Don't. Act normal. If you say something, I'm gonna have to kill them.' So I'd have to sit and I'd have to just act normal," she said.

Eventually FBI agents found Hannah and DiMaggio. On August 10th, agents shot and killed DiMaggio and rescued Hannah. After being rescued, Hannah learned that DiMaggio killed her mother and brother before kidnapping her.

Here is a five minute excerpt from her interview with the Today Show:

Source: Inquisitr, NY Daily News, Today Show


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