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Update: Cafeteria Manager Placed on Leave Following Utah School Lunch Seizure (Video)

Yesterday, Opposing Views reported that Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah had come under fire after reportedly giving 40 students their lunches, immediately taking them back, and discarding them in front of the children. Parents were outraged, and when the story started to spread on social media, people around the world were angry, too.

Now, school officials say that a cafeteria manager at the school has been placed on paid administrative leave while the situation is being investigated. Superintendent McKell Withers says that as the investigation unfolds, more employees could also be placed on leave.

School officials say the decision to give and immediately take back lunches from some of the students was because those particular students had unpaid balances on their accounts. The students that had their lunches thrown away were given a piece of fruit and milk each.

To me this rises to the level of bullying," said Utah Senator Todd Weiler. "Children were humiliated. I think it’s an abuse of power. This person came into a school and used her power to humiliate and embarrass children and I think we ought to draw a line and say that’s not acceptable behavior."

The school district has apologized for the incident, but many are not taking it seriously. Reports claim that school officials have received threats, but the nature of those threats cannot be confirmed. 


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