Unmarked Cop Car Hits Biker, Crowd Reacts (Video)


A video (below) uploaded on YouTube by NYPD Exposed, a cop-watching group, shows an unmarked NYPD car roaring behind a man on a dirt bike and apparently crashing into him on March 17.

The video begins with a separate incident of a marked NYPD police car driving near an ATV rider, named Pete, on March 11. The officer allegedly pointed his gun at Pete, which resulted in a suspension and an internal investigation by the police, noted WPIX.

Pete told the news station he tried to get away from the gun-toting officer as quickly as he could.

The video then switches to the unmarked car with its emergency lights on and chasing the dirt biker in the city, notes PhotographyIsNotACrime.com.

The next scene on the video shows several officers standing around the biker, who is lying on the concrete. They are asking him if he is OK.

“Why are you asking if he’s alright, when he just crashed him?” a witness asks the police.

The police tell the witnesses to back up, and one of the witnesses shouts, "We got it on tape!"

NYPD Exposed says on YouTube the unmarked car running down the biker was revenge for the previous officer's suspension from the March 11 incident, but that theory has not been confirmed.

It's also not confirmed if the unmarked police car intentionally hit the biker.

The video continues to show biker on the ground. The officers stand above him and do not attempt to render aid.

The crowd starts yelling profanities at the police: "You know you ain't s--- without that badge!" and "F--- the police!"

As the crowd gets angrier, more officers arrive on the scene.

Several minutes later, an ambulance arrives and paramedics treat the biker.

The NYPD has not yet issued a statement on this incident.

WARNING: Graphic language.

Sources: PhotographyIsNotACrime.com, WPIX / Photo credit: NYPD Exposed/YouTube

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