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Unmanned Drone Crash Lands Onto New York City Sidewalk (Video)

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A small camera-equipped drone crashed onto a Manhattan sidewalk Monday evening, narrowly missing a financial analyst who gutted the drone and submitted the footage to the local news.

The unmanned aircraft was identified as a Phantom Quadcopter, which should not have been flying through congested pedestrian areas, according to Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Laura Brown.

The video shows the drone taking off from a high rise in Midtown Manhattan, and focuses momentarily on the operator. Then, the drone moves over the city during rush hour, flying 20 to 30 stories above ground.

The drone recorded some of the city’s most iconic buildings, including the Chrysler, MetLife and Grand Central.

The driver, who is clearly inexperienced, slams the drone into several buildings until it finally falls to the ground only feet away from the businessman.

“Someone’s done something very reckless,” the anonymous financial analyst said, “choosing something for their personal enjoyment over any of the consequences.”

When the businessman reported the drone to police, they did nothing.

“I got the sense that they knew that it was something out of the ordinary,” he said, “but didn’t know how to handle it.”

The NYPD is now investigating the incident to see whether reckless endangerment was involved.

Sources: The Huffington Post, ABC News


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