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'Unlucky' Man Has Car Repossessed While Allegedly Shoplifting In Walmart

A Zion, Illinois, man was arrested for allegedly shoplifting at Walmart after he was found walking on the side of the road because his car was repossessed while he was in the store.

Che Hearn, 25, was charged with one count of misdemeanor retail theft involving merchandise valued at less than $300, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Deputy Chief of Round Lake Beach police Michael Scott said officers responded to a report of retail theft at the Walmart store Tuesday afternoon. The male shoplifter was reportedly seen putting electronics into a shopping basket and then left the store without paying for the items.

Employees confronted Hearn outside, reports CBS Chicago.

“They went outside to talk to him, at which time he dropped the basket and fled on foot,” Scott said.

Hearn was found walking on the side of the road by police.

“They asked him why he was walking down the road, and he said his car had been repossessed,” Scott said. “And they said, from where? And he said, ‘From Walmart.’”

The car repossession company had been following Hearn and seized his vehicle when he went inside Walmart to allegedly shoplift.

“He’s the unlucky thief,” Scott said. "It was really his bad, bad day.” 

Sources: Chicago Tribune, CBS Chicago / Photo credit: Chicago Tribune


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