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University of Washington Employees Paid Overtime to Browse Celebrity Gossip, Pics of Kim Kardashian in Bikini

After reviewing the web histories of two employees at the University of Washington, officials found they were paid tens of thousands of dollars in overtime while browsing sports and celebrity gossip websites at work.

According to an official report from the State Executive Ethics Board, Stan Ross and Don Hulse even searched for pictures of the Kardashian’s in bikinis. Over several years they have been paid overtime simply to surf the Internet.

“I didn’t think it was going to be as bad as what I actually saw,” their boss Don Stephens told KOMO News.

The board found that in just one day Hulse spent nearly five hours surfing the web, mostly sports news, while collecting overtime pay.

Ross was paid two hours overtime during which he spent half his time on the Access Hollywood website looking at up-and-coming teen stars and Eric Clapton’s back-catalogue.

During another day of overtime, Ross was "viewing images of Bruce Jenner and the Kardashian children."

The investigation was launched after Stephens blew the whistle on his own workers.

“I tend to believe that if I screwed around for four hours of my eight hour day, I would be in trouble,” Stephens said.

Melanie Deleon, the director of the State Ethics Board, was shocked at the misuse of taxpayer money.

"When a person is basically an hourly employee but they get overtime, and they're using that overtime to surf the Internet, to me, that's more egregious," Deleon said.

"We were convinced that the overtime was legitimate and necessary and it was done properly," said UW spokesman Norm Arkans.

Arkans said Ross and Hulse can not be disciplined by UW until they settle with the Ethics Boards or contest the findings in the report.

Sources: KOMO News, Daily Caller

Photo by Joe Mabel


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