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University of Virginia’s Student Newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, Causes Chaos with False Tweets on Booze Raid

The University of Virginia’s student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to warn students of alcohol searches in campus dorms, which never happened.

While some UVA students quickly poured their booze down the drain, others went on Twitter to mock the The Cavalier Daily and its warnings (below), reports the Washington Post.

Later that day, The Cavalier Daily tweeted that the UVA campus housing department, Alcoholic Beverage Control and police denied there would be any searches.

In a follow-up article, the The Cavalier Daily cited a student's tweet, but did not mention the student newspaper's part in the matter.

{The student} received a Snapchat from her friend around 11 a.m., which showed a picture of the student — who asked to remain anonymous — at the University Police Station, captioned “AT THE UVA POLICE STATION, SOS.”

Sources: Washington Post and The Cavalier Daily

Be sure to follow @cavalierdaily and #UVAdormsearch for some unintentional social media hilarity

— Wyeth Ruthven (@wyethwire) April 8, 2013

Everybody get one last sip in! #UVAdormsearch

— Will McComb (@willums16) April 8, 2013

Obviously, #UVA recognition as the “smartest party school” was too much for ABC to handle..

— Diana Aleman (@diana__aleman) April 8, 2013

Apparently there’s a mass exodus of Aristocrat and Burnett’s from first-year dorms over at UVA.#yellingfireinacrowdeddorm#UVAdormsearch

— Justin Duke (@justinmduke) April 8, 2013

Is this some sick belated April Fools’ joke?! #UVAdormsearch#operationcharlottesville

— Dylan Fogarty (@_dfogz) April 8, 2013

#UVADormSearch Going from dorm to dorm, buying alcohol from first years for 3 cents on the dollar #commschool

— Cynical Douche (@CynicalDouche) April 8, 2013


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