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University of Utah May Change 'Sexist' Fight Song 'Utah Man' (Video)

Some students at the University of Utah want to change the college's fight song "Utah Man" because they consider it to be "sexist" and gender specific.

"Utah Man" was written in 1904 and includes the lyrics "Utah man am I" and "Our coeds are the fairest and each one’s a shining star."

"Utah Man Am I" also appears on the school's T-shirt (pictured).

"The idea that man means both female and male is a little antiquated," Sam Ortiz, president of the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU), told The Salt Lake City Tribune (video below).

"This, in my opinion, is really just a small thing we can do to make campus more inclusive and just let students know their voices are being heard," stated Ortiz.

The ASUU assembly approved a public discussion about changing the song in March. Some have suggested changing "Utah Man" to "Utah Fan."

“Many people have worried that this language is offensive to women,” Mark Pittman, College of Law representative for the ASUU assembly, told “Others have argued that many women don’t find it offensive. But in my perspective, especially, if some group of women finds it offensive, it’s at least worth considering whether or not we should make changes to it.”

“There are older generations that feel very strongly that the song shouldn’t be changed for the sake of history and tradition,” added Pittman. “But we feel very strongly that this in an enduring tradition that will continue and a legacy that will build on the future. And it’s important for us to evaluate that and to ensure that it’s inclusive of students in the future and not just in the present.”

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