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University Turns Down Student's Request for 'Second Amendment' Club (Video)

College student Patrick Winslow wanted to start a Second Amendment club on the campus of ECPI University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but was turned down.

“I have now taken on an effort to want to educate the students and the faculty on the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, federal and state laws regarding gun control and gun laws and so forth,” Winslow told 10 On Your Side (video below).

William Salice, the ECPI Campus Director of Academic Affairs, wrote in response to the gun club idea: “Patrick, the University wouldn’t sponsor a club like this as it does not correlate to program enhancement or community service.”

According to Campus Reform, Winslow has gotten big support from the gun community following his gun club's rejection.

“I was shocked,” stated Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. “It’s a group that would be meeting and talking about the Constitution, the Second Amendment and so forth, and they basically said that’s not a public service. You would hope doing the criminal justice system, they would understand what the Second Amendment is, but maybe they don’t.”

Mark Dreyfus, the President of ECPI, told 10 On Your Side that Winslow "wanted to start a club with the intent, expressed intent, with changing our policy on the carry law at the institution. It really tells you about the Internet today, and what’s out there is not necessarily the truth.”

Dreyfus added that the school is not anti-gun and offers a criminal justice class aimed at gun safety.

Dreyfus said that two federal laws ban the possession of guns in or near schools.

Sources: 10 On Your Side and Campus Reform


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