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University Professor Armed With Condoms, Lube Prepares To Meet 14-Year-Old, Gets Big Surprise

Florida authorities arrested a University of Michigan assistant professor Friday who they say described himself online as a “boy lover” and traveled to Florida to meet a 14-year-old boy for sex.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that 51-year-old James Cavalcoli of Ann Arbor, Michigan, now faces a federal charge of traveling to have illicit sex with a minor. He was reportedly armed with "condoms and lube," according to the Daily Mail.

Cavalcoli unknowingly arranged to meet with the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force.

Early Friday evening, Cavalcoli arrived at the Bonaventure Resort and Spa in Weston, Florida, where authorities arrested him.

Police confiscated a laptop and other electronic devices from Cavalcoli, according to ABC 7. Officials will forensically examine the items, police say.

"Mr. Cavalcoli has worked for the University for about 13 years," a University of Michigan Health System spokesperson said. "We are currently reviewing the matter and will cooperate fully with law enforcement investigators.”

Cavalcoli is listed as an assistant professor at the college’s department of computational medicine and bioinformatics.

According to the undercover officer who had been in contact with the suspect, a man who identified himself as “Jim” began communicating with him, believing the officer to be the father of a preteen boy, on a fetish website that allows men to discuss child pornography and sex with young boys, reports the Sun-Sentinel.

“Jim” wrote to the officer that he was "a fellow bl [boy lover], just don't have my own. Wanted to chat and share stories and experiences — if you're interested."

When the officer told “Jim” that he had a then-13-year-old son, “Jim” sent more messages and identified his sexual preferences as “tween, teen with older.” The professor also sent nude pictures of himself.

Investigators said the “boy lover” emailed the officer last month to see if he could meet the man’s son. The officer responded that the man could have sex with the boy if he used condoms and “no pain.” The suspect agreed. “I’m glad you’re looking out for your boy!” he said.

Investigators said that the professor confessed shortly after they arrived. He said that he “knew he should not have traveled and regretted his decision.”

Cavalcoli awaits a bond hearing on Friday in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, federal court.

Sources: Sun-SentinelABC 7 / Photo Credit: Broward Sheriff's Office


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