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America-Theme Party Too 'Divisive' For College Students

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An America-themed party at Loyola University in Maryland is considered to be too “divisive” for students.

Members of the senior class chose “Party in the U.S.A.” as the theme surrounding the university's annual costume event months ago without objection, WTTG reports.But after President-elect Donald Trump beat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, some students became offended at the idea of celebrating their country.

University administrators described the event as "very alienating, divisive and harmful," according to The Daily Caller, which lead student body leaders to apologize for the theme.

“As an organization, we want to extend our deepest apologies to those that were hurt by this theme and the negative impact it had on them,” an email from the student government association to the Class of 2017 read, according to The Washington Post. “Although it was not our intention to create such a divisive climate, we understand that the impact of this decision is much greater than our initial intention.”

Nicholas Alexopulos, a university spokesman said in a written statement to The Washington Post that there was concern among students and faculty that some of the costumes that might be worn at a “Party in the USA” event would be offensive and “especially troubling at a time when so many are feeling anxious and uncertain.”

"I think the theme was meant to bring everyone together," said Matthew Tarantino, a Loyola junior, reported WTTG. "And the fact Trump won the election, I think it kind of threw them all off. And I think if Hillary had won, there wouldn't have been all this controversy surrounding it."

Despite the controversy, the party went on without incident.

"The party was really great," said senior Shannon Ferrara. "We ended up having a really good time. Everybody really enjoyed the theme." 

Sources: WTTG, The Washington Post, The Daily Caller / Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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