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University of Notre Dame Asks High Schoolers to Question Their Gender

The University of Notre Dame's office of pre-college programs recently announced that it will offer a “Gender and Culture in American Society” class for high school students in 2015. 

The Catholic university's website describes the class for high schoolers:

Are you male or female? How do you know? When you were a baby, did your parents dress you in pink or blue? Who dressed you, fed you, changed your diapers – your mother or father? And do you have a mother and a father or is your family structured another way?

Do you know how to behave in a typically masculine/feminine way? Why don’t girls (typically) play football? Why don’t guys (typically) wear make-up? Is Belle a bad role model? Is Anakin a good role model? What are the advantages to this gender system? What are the disadvantages?

...In investigating how gender is defined and replicated by the media, students also critically analyze the effect of popular culture on their own lives.

According to the National Review, Abby Palko, of the University of Notre Dame's gender-studies program, will lead the course.

Sources:, National Review


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