University of North Dakota Students Mock Native Americans

Some University of North Dakota (UND) students have caused a firestorm with T-shirts that critics are calling racist.

The students reportedly wore the T-shirts at last weekend's Springfest event. The T-shirts had the words "Siouxper Drunk" and included an Indian head drinking from a beer bong. Pictures of the students wearing the shirt were published on LastRealIndians.com.

The Indian head resembled the school's retired logo the Fighting Sioux.

Frank Sage, a student at UND, told ValleyNewsLive.com that several students were complaining to Indian Student Services on campus.

The Springfest event was not sanctioned by UND and did not occur on the UND campus, but is attended by many of the students, reported the Grand Forks Herald.

UND President Robert Kelley released a statement regarding the students and the T-shirts:

I was appalled to learn this weekend that a group of individuals had the poor judgment and lack of awareness and understanding to create and then wear T-shirts that perpetuated a derogatory and harmful stereotype of American Indians. The message on the shirts demonstrated an unacceptable lack of sensitivity and a complete lack of respect for American Indians and all members of the community.

Sources: Grand Forks Herald, LastRealIndians.com, ValleyNewsLive.com


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