University of Minnesota-Duluth Spends $4000 on Transsexual's Transformation Art, Draws Protest

The University of Minnesota-Duluth is under fire from conservative activists for showing artist Loren Cameron's portraits of his transsexual transformation from woman to man.

The collection, entitled 'Transgender Images,' was paid for with $4,000 of college funds, reports the Daily News.

Campus Reform spokesman Josiah Ryan told the Daily News: "I think that there is the possibility that it could offend people. There is also the possibility that it may not be the best use of taxpayers' resources."

The exhibit documents Cameron's own journey as he gradually changed into a man via surgery.

Cameron, who grew up in Pasadena, California, told National Geographic's Taboo: "You feel that something's amiss that the skin that you're in isn't quite on right. I think its one of the scariest things that humans can think about doing, is undermining the very foundation of our existence, of the body, the gender that we are born into. That's really frightening for a lot of people. the idea of being able to change something so fundamental to identity."

University officials confirmed that the art presentation will go on as planned, despite the protest.

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