This College Student's Part-Time Job Earns Her $180K Per Year

A University of Maryland student, who reported that she makes $180,000 a year in a Manhattan strip club, will graduate debt-free.

Maggie, a double major in Spanish and Political Science, said she makes more money working two weekends a month stripping than working 40 hours a week serving tables. The job also gives her more time to concentrate on school

Maggie is apparently not alone in her line of work and noted that there are 24 other women in her club alone that put themselves through school the same way.

Although she said her parents were originally horrified at what is considered to be a degrading job, Maggie argued that waiting tables can sometimes be worse.

"I have felt so much more disrespected as a waitress than I ever have felt as a dancer," Maggie said. "Because your job is to serve them and in this, your job is to accompany them."

Maggie plans to quit the job once she graduates.

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Source: Bro Bible, The Denver Channel


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