University of Maryland Hosts Sex Toys Workshop (Video)


The University of Maryland recently hosted a sex workshop which included teaching students about various sex acts, sex toys and fetish equipment as part of the school's "Sex Week."

According to, the weeklong event included seminars such as: "Asking for it: Finding your words for better, sexier communication in the bedroom" and "Bedsider Birth Control 101 Interactive Workshop," added that the "most disgusting workshop of the week" was "Toy Talk for Grown Folks: Why You Should Care What You Buy."

Campus Reform posted a video (below) of that seminar hosted by sex shop owner Jessica VonDykem who taught students about anal toys and playing with prostates on Oct. 15.

"You can actually put this in a pot of boiling water after you're done playing with it, totally sterilize it, then put it in somebody else's butt," advised VonDyke. "It's also good for prostate play, you can put it in people's butts."

According to the University of Maryland''s website, the goal of sex week was "to promote an informed and empowered community to support our fellow Terps and cultivate a campus where we take pride in safety, responsibility and respect. Our FEARLESS IDEA is to take the subject head on and set a precedent to all campuses that our students can BE THE CHANGE."

According to Campus Reform, there was no ID check to make sure that attendees were over 18 years of age at the taxpayer supported sex events.

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