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University Of Kaposvar Students Protest Strict Dress Code By Showing Up To Class In Underwear

Faculty at the University of Kaposvar in Hungary recently enacted a very strict dress code.

“From October 1, there is also no place in the university for mini-skirts, flip-flops, heavy make-up, inappropriate fashion accessories, or unkempt fingernails and hair,” a letter announcing the new policy said.

The policy said that male students had to attend class wearing dark suits and dress shoes while females must wear a jacket, blouse, and trousers.

The new policy went over about as well as you’d expect with students. So how did the Kaposvar students voice their displeasure with the new code?

They went to class in their underwear. And it’s not just the students who disliked the policy. Even a professor stripped down as well.

On the day the students stripped, they showed up to class dressed in accordance with the new code. Here’s a pre-strip picture:

Image placeholder title

But moments into class the protest began. And soon everyone looked like this:

Image placeholder title

The university has not released any statement responding to the free-balling protest at this time. 

Soure: Daily Mail


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