University Of Kansas Students Slam Pro-Trump Chalkings


Students at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, were reportedly outraged to find messages supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump written in chalk on campus sidewalks on March 29.

The messages included "Trump 2016" and other pro-campaign phrases. Similar chalkings recently appeared at Emory University in Atlanta.

Shegufta Huma, a student, first flagged the chalkings on Twitter on March 29, according to The College Fix. 

"Trump support at @KUnews," Huma wrote on Twitter, alongside photos of the messages. "Is this the post-racial paradise folks pretend exists? #RockChalkInvisibleHawk #myPWI "

"@therealshegufta just because there is chalk on campus doesn't mean a Jayhawk did the chalking, Shegufta," the college tweeted back.

However, that only stirred the pot among students on Twitter:

"@KUnews does it matter? The presence of support is on campus, and that's enough. Almost more concerning if it wasn't a Jayhawk."

"Why does admin CONSTANTLY play down student concerns and then tell us they're listening to us?"

"@ whoever chalked 'Trump 2016' all over KU campus: get f------."

"Dear Jayhawks, please take a moment today to #SanitizeKU and clean up the 'Trump 2016' chalked across campus."

The administration said it would have approved the chalkings by students if they had asked for approval for the political speech, which upset Rock Chalk Invisible Hawks, a black activist group on campus, Mediaite reports.

"That's actually worse," the activist group wrote on Twitter. "Who will intervene? That means we're not teaching Jayhawks that bigotry us unacceptable."

"You could've used this chance to denounce that Trump propaganda," they added. "Instead you used it to be defensive."

The university's guidelines on sidewalk chalking state, in part:

University units and student and campus organizations that are registered with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center are permitted to chalk on the property of the University or its affiliate organizations in order to publicize events they are sponsoring or to promote student participation in University events.

Any other individual or group wishing to chalk on the property of the University or its affiliated organizations must obtain permission in advance from the University Events Committee. Chalking by unauthorized individuals or groups is subject to immediate removal and the individuals or groups responsible may be charged for the cost of cleanup.

The chalkings on the University of Kansas campus were eventually removed, according to Mediaite.

Sources: University of Kansas, The College Fix, / Photo Credit: Shegufta Huma/Twitter

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