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University Of Houston Student And Others Injured At Great Bull Run In Baytown, Texas (Video)

A University of Houston student was taken to the hospital after being trampled during the Great Bull Run in Baytown, Texas, on Saturday.

Hugh Soto, 21, suffered a concussion and several wounds at the event which is inspired by the traditional Running of the Bulls held each year in Spain, KSAT reports.

“The bull pushed me in the back,” Soto told the station. “I fell over, covered my head and the rest of the bulls passed by, and a couple of them actually got a couple of hits in.”

A few others sustained minor injuries as somewhere around 3,500 participated in the inaugural run.

"Two people went to hospital in the first one in Virginia," Dave Fanucchi, a spokesman for the event, told the Houston Chronicle. "One person got hurt in the second one in Atlanta, so this is about equivalent."

Held at the Royal Purple Raceway, Great Bull Run attendants paid $70 to stand on a track for 2 minutes as bulls barreled toward them.

Soto’s head injury made his memory a little hazy, but the incident was captured on the camera attached to his helmet and on amateur video.

The video shows Soto feeling the impact of at least three raging bulls and soon people ran to help him then rushed him to the hospital.

“I had fun, I had a good time,” he said. “It was one of those things you have to experience. I don't regret it at all.”

Soto is determined to complete the run in the future. He’s already dreaming of another opportunity to make it to the finish line.

"Yeah, you know as soon as these [injuries] clear up I'll probably do it again," said Soto.


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