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University Expels Student for Wearing Short Skirt

If you think anything goes in Brazil, think again. A university there expelled a female student for wearing an extremely short skirt.

It seems the skirt 20-year-old Geysi Villa Nova Arruda wore to Universidade Bandeirante in Sao Paolo on October 22nd was so short, her fellow students complained, Reuters reports.

But the school claimed the dress had nothing to do with it. In a statement, it said Arruda was expelled for "flagrant disrespect of ethical principles, academic dignity and morality."

According to the school's legal adviser, Arruda was expelled for various "gestures" and "attitudes," not because of her attire.

The dress set off protests that got so bad, police had to be called in to escort Arruda out of the school. Someone shot video of it:

Those students, by the way, were chanting "whore" as Arruda was being led out.

Additional footage shows students kicking Arruda's car, and then blocking her as she tried to get away on foot. The university has identified and suspended those students.


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