University of Colorado Students Support Abortion to Get Sex (Video)


Caleb Bonham calls himself a "Christian politico with a sense of humor and a rabble rouser."

He also uploads wacky interviews to his YouTube page, which he calls the "The Caleb Bonham Show."

Bonham recently interviewed some male and female students at the University of Colorado – Boulder in a video (below) entitled: "The Truth About the Bro-Choice Movement, Just Wanting Some Tail."

“A bro-choice is where I am pro-choice because I am a man and if women don’t have access to abortion on demand then I won’t get laid as often,” Bonham says on the video.

Bonham does not ask any of the students about abortion in case of rape, incest or the mother's life in danger. Nor did he ask about birth control.

Instead, he enthusiastically framed the question by tying sex to being "bro-choice." Not surprisingly, several male students said they wanted to be "bro-choice."

After being egged on by Bonham, one student said: “Bro-choice is the right choice because if you want to get laid you best go with the bro-choice."

Bonham later asks a girl if she is "pro-choice" to which she affirms. Bonham then asks her: "Would you sleep with me if I was pro-life?" and she answers "no," but seems uncomfortable being approached by Bonham.



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