University of Colorado Gun Ruling "Dangerous"


WASHINGTON -- Dan Gross, president of the Brady Center, issued the following statement today on the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling that the University of Colorado became limited in its authority to bar guns on campus after the Colorado legislature passed a statewide concealed carry law.

The ruling does not immediately overturn the University’s guns on campus ban, but allows Students for Concealed Carry to proceed with their claim against the University. 

“This is a dangerous ruling. Lives have the potential to be lost as  a result. We urge parents, students, and faculty to demand that the University do all it can to keep guns off campus and prevail on their elected officials to reverse this ruling.  The University of Oregon has reinstated its gun ban despite a similar court ruling. The Brady Center will help the University of Colorado work to keep young people safe from guns. As last week's tragedy in Ohio reminded us all, nothing is more important." 

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence filed an amicus brief urging the Court to overturn an April 2010 Colorado appeals court ruling allowing a lawsuit that seeks concealed guns on campus to proceed.  In 2009, El Paso County District Court Judge G. David Miller had upheld the ban on guns on campus, noting that the University Regents had determined that having guns on campus “threatens the tranquility of the education environment and contributes in an offensive manner to an unacceptable climate of violence.”

Attorneys with the Brady Center's Legal Action Project and Edward Ramey of the Denver law firm of Heizer Paul Grueskin LLP represented the Brady Center.  Other groups joining the Brady Center on the brief were the Colorado Ceasefire Capitol Fund and the Greater Denver Million Mom March.


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