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University of Chicago Latino Students Threatened on Facebook (Video)

Some University of Chicago Latino students were threatened on Facebook after they started a petition demanding that the school stop a “culture of racial intolerance” on campus.

Student Vincente Perez and his friends took the petition to the school's administration last Friday.

On Tuesday, one of the Latino students had their Facebook page hacked by an unidentified person who wrote: "Go f--- yourselves. UChicago Electronic Army strikes again. Vincente you are next. None of your profiles are safe. This is the beginning of our rape season. Rape harder and harder until they're quiet, brothers."

Perez claims the problems started on Halloween when some students dressed up in Mexican costumes and pretended to be arrested. Pictures of those students were uploaded to the web, noted Red Eye Chicago.

“The pictures not only involved the individuals in the costumes but also kind of made light of police brutality,” Perez told NBC Chicago (video below).

"I've been here four years, and this has happened consistently," added student Jaime Sanchez Jr.

The University of Chicago responded to the Facebook posting with an email statement:

Anonymous and personal attacks that are hateful, threatening, and target people’s identity do not constitute discourse and deserve our strongest condemnation. We will pursue criminal prosecution, and if the individual is a member of our community we will pursue disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion or termination of employment.

Harassment and threats on the basis of identity are completely antithetical to the values of the University and will not be tolerated. They are harmful and hurtful both to individuals and to the fabric of our community.

However, Perez said the email "isn't enough. We have to see action."

Sources: Red Eye Chicago, NBC Chicago


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