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University of Alabama Sorority Member Allegedly Sends Racist Photo

A University of Alabama sorority is in hot water after one of its members was accused of having sent a Snapchat boasting that the group had no black members.

The picture, which includes three members of the Chi Omega sorority, has a caption saying “Chi O got NO ni**as!!!!!”

The image circulated on social media for several days before being reported on by the University of Alabama’s student newspaper "The Crimson White." According to a Facebook post by Chi Omega National, the member who sent the picture has been removed from the sorority.

Here is the photo, courtesy of Jezebel:

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University of Alabama president Judy Bonner released a statement condemning the caption.

"We are all extremely disappointed when any student uses language that is disrespectful or offensive to any segment of the UA community," Bonner said. "We are especially sad that this incident occurred on a day that was an exciting and happy one for the young women who participated in fall recruitment… Behavior, actions and choices that disparage other students are particularly reprehensible and do not represent the values or meet the expectations of our University community.”

A number of tipsters have contacted sites reporting on the picture claiming the caption is photoshopped. One person who contacted Total Frat Move explained why they believe that’s the case. The tipster claims the caption originally said “ninjas” – a common term for someone who gets into a sorority that didn’t want them.

“I do web design for a living and am the director of graphic design for the University of [redacted]‘s student government,” the user writes. “I can tell you with 100% certainty that the image of that girl’s snap story is tampered with.

"Whoever edited the image took the ‘g’ from ‘got’ and moved it into the ‘nj’ in ‘ninjas’ (the story update actually makes perfect sense). If you zoom in and check the kerning of the letters then you can see that the first ‘g’ in ‘niggas’ was stretched the make up for the wide empty space where the ‘n’ used to be and that the second ‘g’ was kept at the original dimensions.”

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(via Total Frat Move)

If you have a zoom tool on your computer, give the tipster’s suggestion a try. It does appear that the first “g” in ni**as has been stretched wider.

One reason the story has garnered so much attention is the history of racial barriers in University of Alabama fraternities and sororities. Last year, "The Crimson White" published an exposé showing that minorities were almost never accepted into Greek organizations. The university made a strong effort to change that this year, and "The Crimson White" reports that “21 black women and 169 women who identified as members of other racial minorities ran alongside their new sisters on Bid Day, each clutching an invitation to join a Panhellenic sorority at The University of Alabama.”

Sources: The Crimson White, Total Frat Move, MailOnline


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