Universities Hold Discussions on the Ethics of Animal Research

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Three upcoming talks will discuss the ethics of animal research at UW.   In introducing the forums, Dr. Sandgren, who directs the Research Animal Resource Center, said:

We want these talks to be discussions with the community on the costs, benefits and ethics of animal research.   More transparency, more communication and better information help everyone involved in this emotional debate.

On Feb 7th, Dr. Lawrence A. Hansen, a neuroscientist at the University of California-San Diego and also a PeTA member, will give a presentation on "Ethics and Efficacy of Experimentation on Animals: Common Ground, or No Man's Land?"   

On March 15, Dr. Charles Snowdon, UW-Madison professor of psychology, will discuss his studies with cotton-top tamarins, at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

On April 4: Dr. Gary Varner, a philosopher at Texas A&M University, will discuss the basis of moral status, personhood, and near-personhood, in relation to animal research.

This series of talks adds to our recently held event on the topic of human and non-human primate cognition at UCLA, and my scheduled debate with Prof. Francione at Rutgers on March 8th on the ethics of animal research.

Dialogue welcome.


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