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United Will Honor Tickets Mistakenly Sold Online For Very Low Prices

For a period of time on Thursday, the United Airlines booking system was offering up fares at some incredibly low prices and an unknown number of passengers were able to get a great deal as the airline says it will honor the tickets that were purchased.

United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy says the mistake was due to a human error in filing the fares, not a problem with the website, according to NBC News.

Passengers reported getting tickets for $5 to $10. The airline says it accidentally filed fares for $0, although airport charges might have resulted in a small cost.

The Los Angeles Times originally reported that a computer glitch began to give out the ultra-low fares for about two hours and United Airlines officials then briefly shut down the online reservation system before announcing that the problem had been fixed.

At that time an airline spokeswoman said the carrier had yet to decide whether it would honor the super-low fares and some that made the purchases were pushing United to make good on the deals through social media.

"Not sure why so cheap but I hope u honor price," Craig Bean wrote in a tweet to United after buying two tickets from Washington to Austin for $7.50.

It now appears that Bean and others who cashed in on the deal can enjoy their flights.


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