‘United Steaks Of America’ Map Shows Meats Unique To Each State


Slate Magazine researched the most popular meat or meat-based dish, assigned one to each U.S. state and created a map with descriptions accompanying each pick.

Americans eat more meat per year – 270 pounds – than any other country except Luxembourg, which surpasses us by about 31 pounds, NPR reported.

The interactive “United Steaks of America” map features some game animals, including elk for Wyoming, wild boar for Oregon and alligators in Florida. A few of the results are expected like Texas getting brisket. Surprisingly, Washington gets salami just because Mario Batali’s father owns a meat shop in that state.

This is not a joke about Las Vegas’ sex workers, but tongue is the state meat of Nevada, which reportedly has a large population of Basque that eats cow tongue. Another unusual meat of choice is Montana’s Rocky Mountain oysters (bull testicles) and the Idaho yak.

According to Slate’s L.V. Anderson, who penned the article, this state’s meat is tofu. “It’s a well-known fact that Californians don’t eat meat, just tofu and kale. And to include kale on a list of state meats would just be ridiculous,” she writes.

Check out the entire list of different meats for each state and the interactive map over at Slate.com.


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