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United Airlines Allegedly Sends Customer Insincere Complaint Response Template

The customer service department at United Airlines suffered a blow to its credibility recently when a Reddit user posted a letter responding to complaints that still had a "Dear Customer Name" field left blank.

The reddit user, called “lyndy,” posted the generic airline response in mid-July, complete with capital letters indicating where to fill in each customer’s name and to list his or her complaint, according to the Daily Mail.

The response template assures customers that the airline is committed to ensuring quality service to its patrons and promises its passengers that their complaints have been heard and relayed to help other employees in the future improve their service. The template also has a spot for a customer service employee to gift each unhappy customer with some type of “SPECIFIC ITEM,” or some form of payment or promotion. However, it is unclear how each complaint is handled based on the email.

Representatives from United Airlines said they could not comment on the specific incident because it was not possible to identify who the customer was from an anonymous reddit post.

Beneath the post, several commenters mocked the template and its insincerity.

“(SPECIFIC CURSE WORD) you, United Airlines,” wrote one user, while another commenter below wrote “Someone just got a bigger (SPECIFIC ITEM).”

Here is the posted image below:

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