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Unidentified Man Throws Random Woman's Cats Into the San Francisco Bay, Killing Them

San Francisco police are actively searching for a man they say grabbed a woman’s cat carrier, which contained her two cats, and threw it into the bay for no apparent reason.

Reports show that the woman was walking along a pier when a man approached her, took all of her belongings, and proceeded to throw them into the water.

"She started screaming, people heard that, then he picked up the cat carrier with her two adult cats in it and hoisted that into the bay," said animal control Captain Vicky Guldbech. “"She's still very distraught so getting information from her is very raw.  She’s still very traumatized by the event.”

The incident took place around 4:20 p.m. on November 25th, and police have now released surveillance video of the man to help identify him. They say the suspect is a white male, around 6 feet tall, was wearing a black hoodie, and had a skateboard.

At the time of the incident, Captain Le-Ellis Brown of Animal Control echoed Guldbech’s statement, saying that that they were barely able to speak with the woman because she was so upset over what had happened.

"The owner was so distraught last night that we weren't really able to talk to her," said Brown.

Authorities arrived at the scene and retrieved the woman’s belongings from the water, but they were too late to help the cats. Both of the adult felines died after being tossed into the bay.

NOTE: All videos SF Appeal.


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