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Man Gets Breast Implants To Increase Job Prospects

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An unemployed 30-year-old man from China resorted to drastic measures to improve his job prospects.

The man, from Zhuzhou City, in Hunan province, allegedly went under the knife to get breast implants because he thought women had better career opportunities, the Daily Mail reports.

He had been struggling for years to find work because of limited work experience, and convinced himself that changing his appearance would help.

The procedure cost the man, whose surname is Ho, more than $5,700, as well his relationship with his family.

“I did not have enough money for the surgery, so I consulted the hospital,” he said.

“They told me I could pay for the surgery with a loan," Ho continued. "They asked me to hand in my mobile phone and ID card.”

Ho said he agreed to have the procedure, but denied he consented to the loan.

He traveled to Changsha in Central China for the surgery in August, and then quickly removed the implants on Sept. 26 when his family found out. 

Ho is still recovering from the procedure that he told reporters caused him a lot of emotional and financial distress.

Now he receives calls from the lender every day, causing him to have a nervous breakdown.

A spokesperson from the Ruilan Medical Cosmetic Hospital told reporters: “He is over 18-years-old. He has signed the documents. He should be responsible for his actions.”

He negotiated his debt with the hospital on Oct. 2 and the hospital allegedly agreed to waive its fees and offer compensation of around $450, reports Hunan Xioxiang Herald.

In May, a Canadian magician and high-stakes gambler got breast implants after losing a six-figure bet with his friend.

The bet was made back 1997, according to The Huffington Post.

“I was with two friends and his girlfriend at the time was flaunting her boobs,” recalls Brian Zembic explains. “And I said to my friend, ‘If I had boobs like hers I could get just as much attention as she would.’”

Zembic’s friend decided wager $100,000 to see if he’d put his money where his mouth is. Soon after, Zembic visited the plastic surgeon and got implants.

Nearly 20 years later, Zembic still has them -- mostly because, as a part of the original terms of the bet, he gets an extra $10,000 for every year he keeps them.

"It’s a normal part of my life,” he said in an interview with Inside Edition in 2013. “It really is, as sick as is it’s normal.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: via Daily Mail

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