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Undocumented Mom Arrested In Front Of Her Kids in Los Angeles (Video)

An undocumented immigrant mother was arrested in front of her three children by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in Los Angeles on Jan. 26. The arrest was caught on cellphone video (below).

One of the children told Univision News that her mom, Nidia Yadira Viniegra Villalobos, was arrested while taking her children, ages 3, 13 and 16, to school.

Villalobos refused to get out of her vehicle, so federal agents knocked out windows and dragged her from the car, notes the Latin Post.

Villalobos and her two oldest children were handcuffed and placed on the ground by the agents. All three children were later released to their grandmother, Maria Viniegra.

The Border Patrol in San Diego told Univision that Villalobos had violated the conditions of her visa, and was associated with Martel Valencia, who allegedly runs an undocumented persons trafficking organization.

However, Villalobos' mother, Viniegra, told Univision that her daughter was not involved with Valencia.


Sources: Univision via Google Translate, Latin Post / Photo Credit: Univision Screenshot

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