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Undocumented Immigrants Get Driver's Licenses In California (Video)

Thousands of undocumented immigrants lined up at DMV offices throughout California today to get their driver's licenses.

This was made possible by AB 60, a law signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) in 2013, which went into effect today.

According to The Los Angeles Times, about 11,000 people had applied for the special driver's licenses by noon. The licenses don't require proof of citizenship, only proof of identity and residency in the Golden State.

At the DMV in Granada Hills, California, one man told KTLA that the driver's licenses were "justice" (video below).

Undocumented immigrants will have to give the DMV a thumbprint, pass eye vision test, take a written exam and successfully complete a driving test.

The special driver's licenses will state that they are "not acceptable for official federal purposes."

More than 1.5 million undocumented immigrants are expected to get the licenses. The state budgeted $141 million to create this program.

DMV deputy director Armando Botello claimed that providing undocumented immigrants with licenses "will make roads safer for everyone in California."

The San Jose Mexican Consulate has been assisting undocumented immigrants in passing the written exams, reports NBC San Diego.

Surces: NBC San Diego, KTLA, The Los Angeles Times
Image Credit: KTLA Screenshot


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