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Underwater Argentinean Ghost Town Epecuen Showing Signs Of Life

An Argentina ghost town that has been underwater for more than 25 years is drying out. The town of Epecuen was once a tourist destination where 1,500 employees served about 20,000 guests until a nearby saltwater lake overflowed in 1985 after a series of wet winters and heavy rainstorms. The lake, and the saltwater baths and spas that it could provide, was the town’s main attraction.

After the lake overflowed, people fled from the town and could do little as their homes became submerged under 33 feet of saltwater. That water has now receded.

Epecuen is once again a tourist destination. People who are willing to make the 340 mile drive from Buenos Aires can view rusted hulks of automobiles and furniture, crumbled homes and broken appliances. The strange landscape is dated and looks like it could have been the site of an apocalypse, Fox News reported.

Pablo Novak, 82, refused to leave after the flooding and still lives on the edge of the town. "Whoever passes nearby cannot go without coming to visit here," Novak said. "It's getting more people to the area, as they come to see the ruins."

Carhue, another lakeside town, is where many of Epecuen’s former residents chose to settle. Carhue has hotels and spas which feature saltwater and mud facials.

"Not only do we have Epecuen with the ruins and its natural wealth, but we also can increasingly offer other alternatives," said local tourism director Javier Andres.

Sources: Fox News, The New York Daily News 


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