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Underground, Illegal Supper Clubs Thrive in New York City (Video)

A new crime wave has hit New York City in the form of illegal supper clubs.

Apparently, underground supper clubs are disguised as home dinner parties. The difference is people pay from $40 to several hundred dollars to eat the food at a supper club.

CBS New York recently went "undercover" to expose what it called "super-secret, illegal dining experiences hosted in homes" (video below).

The foodies and chefs who host the supper clubs are hooked up with "customers" through websites such as EatWith, Feastly and Gusta.

At one supper club, a CBS New York reporter asked professional chef Michael Patlazhan, “Do you ever worry about getting caught?” to which he answers: “I definitely do.”

Patlazhan reportedly cooks with blow torches, nitrogen and a vacuum machine.

“That’s the things with supper clubs, they’re in a sense illegal just because they are underground no one knows about them. So if the Health Department did come they would obviously shut it down. So there’s always a little bit of worry,” stated Patlazhan.

“I want to do it as much as possible so my goal would be to do it two to three times a week, so kind of like a restaurant on the weekends,” he adds.

To keep away from the authorities, Patlazhan allegedly changes the location of the supper club and keeps the guest list exclusive through his members-only website.

The New York City Health Department issued a statement to CBS New York that read: “In New York City, people who offer meals to the public for money are considered food service establishments and need permits. The city does not allow meals to be served to members of the public in someone’s home.”

Source: CBS New York, EatWith, Feastly, Gusta


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