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Underground City of Homeless People Discovered In Kansas City

Police in Kansas City have discovered an underground city of homeless people built in a wooded area on the city’s northeast side. The camp contained a number of tents as well as tunnels that led to underground rooms.

“One of the tunnels probably went 20 to 25 feet underground towards the back and veered off in another direction about six feet or so, and there was some bedding and some candles,” said community interaction Officer Jason Cooley. “It was kind of in a little hill and probably four feet beneath the surface.” Some of the tunnels were so elaborate that they had PVC pipes installed to provide ventilation, according to The Inquisitr.

Police entered the camp last week to evict the people that lived there because of the deplorable and unclean conditions. Thefts at a nearby grain mill also prompted the visit.

“We’re working to find out if in fact they’ve got kids down here because this is not a safe environment for that,” Cooley said. Officers became concerned when they saw piles of soiled diapers, an indication that some of the homeless residents possibly had children living in the squalid conditions.

Homeless outreach groups say that the eviction from the camp will actually benefit its former residents. “By providing help for these people in this manner, maybe they won’t feel the need to go out and steal because they’re getting services they need to be able to live and survive,” said Carla Brewer of Hope Faith Ministries.

Sources: The Inquisitr, The Kansas City Star


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