Underground City Found Beneath Home In Turkey


A man recently discovered a small subterranean city beneath a home he was renovating in Anatolia, Turkey.

About 4,000 square meters of the underground city have already been uncovered in the region famous for its extensive underground labyrinths and homes, according to Ancient-Origins.net.

Mustafa Bozdemir, 50, said he was given the house in Turkey five years ago. At the time, he thought it was a single story home and decided to clear some stuff out from underneath it to prepare it for renovations.

“We also found some remains during the cleaning works such as human bones,” Bozdemir said. “They were examined by a team from Erciyes University.”

In one region in Anatolia, dozens of cities and 200 smaller villages have already been discovered beneath the surface, along with temples and secret tombs.

Nuvit Bayar, the project director for the restoration company working on the house, said that workers thought they could find space for storage beneath Bozdemir’s house and were shocked to find tunnels.

“The underground city that we found by accident during restoration begins a few meters under the ground and has two levels,” Bayar said. “There are parts resembling underground remains of settlements in Cappadocia. Wonderful structures emerged everywhere, like an iron workshop and a loft.”

Bozdemir told officials about the site soon after the discovery and is allowing government workers to excavate the hidden city completely.

“We think that the underground city was active in the Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk eras and other stone buildings there were built in the Ottoman and Republican periods," mayor Mehmet Osmanbasoglu told Zaman Online.

Source: ancient-origins.net, Zaman Online


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