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Undercover Reporter Accused of Sex with Dentist for Female Circumcision

An unidentified Sunday Times reporter allegedly had sex with a dentist, Dr. Omar Addow, to see if he would agree to perform female circumcision on her two young nieces.

According to The Guardian, Addow allegedly went into a bedroom in his Birmingham, England, home with the journalist for an hour, and later told her: "I will do it for you. Between you, me and Allah only."

It was not exactly just between the three of them as the reporter secretly recorded the dentist, who was arrested back in May.

Details of the bizarre incident were revealed during a hearing of the General Dental Council in London on Tuesday.

“The journalist in question was a freelance engaged in a legitimate undercover investigation by the Sunday Times into female genital mutilation, which is a matter of public interest," said a Sunday Times spokesman on Wednesday. "She categorically denies having had sexual intercourse or any other sexually intimate contact with Dr. Addow.”

Tom Kark, of the General Dental Council, stated: “It is the General Dental Council’s submission that although he appeared to be very reluctant to take part in such a procedure, he was eventually persuaded to do so ... It appears he and the journalist had sexual intercourse. We may form the view that the journalist had gone to extra lengths to get her story.”

Addow told London police that he is against female circumcision because his mother and his wife were badly circumcised in Somalia, but did claim he had sex with the reporter after performing a medical exam on her.

Addow is accused of performing a medical examination on the woman while unregistered with the General Medical Council and planning to carry out the two circumcisions.

Souce: The Guardian


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